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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Star Mall Alabang, Muntinlupa City

8. Star Mall Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Muntinlupa was once notoriously known as the location of the national insular penitentiary, the New Bilibid Prison, where the country's most dangerous criminals were incarcerated. Consequently, Muntinlupa or "Munti" became synonymous with the national penitentiary although it has largely shaken-off this negative image to become one of the most progressive cities in the country. Muntinlupa is also home to some of the best commercial establishments in the metropolis and is the location of Ayala Alabang Village, one of the country's biggest and most expensive residential communities, where many of the wealthy and famous live.
At the Star Mall Alabang, many encounter ghost while sitting and watching a movie. The location as many will tell you is very haunted by multo, which is derived from the Spanish word muerte, meaning dead.. As a to too often told modern ghost story goes, a young couple went to see a new movie they had trouble finding a seat for the theater as they made their way in was fully packed. They sat and watched a new romantic movie, only to find out when the movie ended and the lights came on that they were the only ones inside.
Star Mall the most haunted place in the phhillipines
Another tale tells of people seeing what they believe to be people just simply disappear before their very eyes. Tales of pickpocketing ghosts, items disappearing from store shelves and shop owners hearing strange noises and watching things move on their own.
Star Mall, previously called Metropolis Star, stands on the former site of the Alabang Cemetery. Manuela Realty Development Corp., established by Sen. Manny Villar's grandmother-in-law Doña Manuela Aguilar Riguera, built the mall in the '90s. Many believe the bodies of the dead were never removed from the site and the angruy ghosts are letting their presence be known and felt. Some frightened mall goers often state they feel cold unseen hands touching them shoving them punching kicking and even kissing them.
Photos taken inside and out of the large building often show ghostly images and mists. Many people often report that when going through their bags after shopping strange items often show up or the thing they just bought is missing replaced with another item.
Several ghost hunting groups have deemed the location as one of the most haunted hotspots to ghost hunt in.

Source: http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/ghosthunting/phillipines.php


  1. starmall alabang parang tag araw napaka init..sira2x ung aircon ng mall...

  2. Not only it's haunted by ghosts, it's also full of "hunters" looking for lust-craving same sex fun with some1 that could either be a gay, bisexual, or a male prostitute.

  3. ayos ka mag comment pumunta ka ngayon sa star mall alabang...malaki na ipinagbago

  4. totoo yan
    ako rin nakakita ng multo sa starmall

  5. anong multo at saan mo naman nakita to?nung pumasok ako sa sinehan wala naman akong naramdaman o nakitang kakaiba e.

  6. Is it true? Maybe they're just hallucinating or something! It's just so unbelievable. Though many people say that it's true.

  7. kwentong barbero! :P

  8. Totoo na may multo talaga sa Starmall Alabang na noon ay Metropolis. Naka kwentuhan ko ang pinsan ko na dati ay Saleslady sa Metropolis. Takot na takot nga kahit mga empleyado lalo sa warehouse dahil may nagpapakitang batang multo na naglalaro na tinawag na lang nilang “Junjun".
    Pero nasanay na daw sila na nakikisalamuha ang mga kaluluwa sa mga buhay sa mall, kaya pag pumasok ka sa Starmall ngayon pakiramdam mo laging parang may “sale" sa dami ng tao, pero sigurado na yun na hindi buhay lahat ang namamasyal.
    Yung sinehan daw talaga talagang marami na ang nakaranas na akala laging “box-office" ang mga palabas pero pag nag kwento sila sa guard sa sikip sa loob nagugulat sila kapag nalaman nila na hindi pa lalagpas sa bente ang tao na nanuod.
    Anu’t-ano pa man ang paniniwala ninyo dapat ninyong tanggapin na dating sementeryo ang lugar at sigurado dahil pampublikong sementeryo nga ay walang naging pambayad ang mga kamag-anak para makuha ang mga buto ng mga kaanak nilang namayapa na bago pa gawing Metropolis ang lugar.
    Sana hinayaan na lang abandonadong lugar ang sementeryo at hinayaan na lang magpahinga ang mga namayapa. Hindi na lang sana binenta at binulabog at ginawang mall.

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  10. Kawawa naman si Junjun. Lagi na lang syang bida sa mga ghost story na batang multo...

  11. Naalala ko noon bago itayo yung Metropolis Alabang sinunog nila yung ibang patay na hindi kinuha ng kamag anak hehe buhay pa yung kulungan sa gitna ng Tulay kaya may Multo doon ang baho nga eh habang sinusunog!!

  12. I'm very Skeptical that there are no ghosts in starmall

  13. Yes, I remember when they demolished the cemetery area, the bones of the dead are scattered all over the place.

  14. hearing about all those ghost stories, did it affect the business and sales of the mall?

    1. now its the best mall in the south,, napakalamig ng aircon,,,marami na ring mga sikat na store at mga restaurants...

  15. totoo may multo diyan. diyan sa grocery nakita namin yung kaluluwa ng kamote gumagala at pugot na tenga. i'm berry afreyd!