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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Balete Drive, Quezon City

3. Balete Drive, Quezon City
Infamous enough to inspire a 1988 movie, Peque Gallaga's Hiwaga sa Balete Drive, Balete Drive is still one of the most whispered about haunted places in Manila. It is named after the balete trees, which are known to be homes of paranormal beings, along its road.
A white lady, bloody or faceless, is said to haunt the road at night, appearing in the backseats of taxis, seen in rearview mirrors. Some say she was raped and killed by a taxi driver, others say Japanese soldiers raped her during World War II. Motorists are advised to take alternate routes at night. If passing the road is unavoidable, there are several precautions: Make sure the backseat is fully occupied, don't look back and don't look in the mirrors.

Source: http://www.spot.ph/newsfeatures/32719/10-scary-spots-in-metro-manila/3


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